There really aren’t too many chicks that can get my juices flowing, but one thing always remains true – Next Door Nikki always does it for me.

Even more so when Next Door Nikki is up on her hands and knees with her titties hanging down…

next door nikki

And you just know Next Door Nikki isn’t waring a bra either, because that’s just how she is!

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I couldn’t work out with a women like Nikki Simms. I like boobs too much, and her huge boobs are just way too distracting….

From the right angle like this it’s too sexy. Instant hard on, if not worse…

next door nikki working out cleavage

What a view Nikki Simms has all day long… Imagine havnig Nikki Simms riding on top of you with those huge juggs bouncing up and down all over the place!

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3 Feb 14

Waiting For You

Usually our women dress up for us when we come home – at least on those special days when they have needs that we need to forfill. ( As if any of us would ever have the willpower to say no to Next Door Nikki!!!) But sometimes they don’t have enough time to prepare; Perhaps they just got home from the gym and didn’t change out of their super tight jeans…..

Now imagine coming home to Next Door Nikki with her jeans half off!

next door nikki

That would be a great ending to your day now, wouldn’t it?

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1 Feb 14

Maybe Nikki

Someone emailed me this picture of Next Door Nikki… Do you think that’s really her?

next door nikki blog

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30 Jan 14

Jerry Springer?

Um, I don’t know the story behind these pictures……

next door nikki topless on jerry springer 001

Seems to me that Next Door Nikki was on the Jerry Springer show. Although I’m not sure why, I can confirm that’s Next Door Nikki topless on TV.

Got to love Jerry Springer!

next door nikki topless on jerry springer 003

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Well, my my… Next Door Nikki really does stand out now doesn’t she? I know, right? Fuck me. With boobs like Next Door Nikki has she should be running the country. Or at least be mayor if only for a day or something.

If I was banging Next Door Nikki… I would make her my queen. With boobs like she has I would do anything for her…

next door nikki showing off huge boobs

I would even do the dishes for Next Door Nikki if she gave me the chance!

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25 Jan 14

Sexy Bra

Face it – Next Door Nikki has boobs all right!

I wish more chicks with boobs like Next Door Nikki would wear sexy bras like this….


If I had my way, chicks like Next Door Nikki would also let us get a quick peak at just the top of them by leaving her blouse un-buttoned all the way – just so we get teased all day!

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23 Jan 14

Legs Spread Wide

You just know that a chick who can do this…. Can do lots of things in the sack that most women can’t do!

next door nikki legs spread

I bet you that Next Door Nikki can fuck like a rabbit all night long too!

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20 Jan 14

Nikki Drinks Coke

This sort of makes you thirsty just looking at it….

sexy nikki next door3

But after staring at Next Door Nikki and those beautiful teen breasts, it sort of makes you wonder if you want coca-cola or milk.


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Is there anything hotter than watching Next Door Nikki and Misty Anderson making out? Two hot teen bodies rubbing up against each other, wearing nothing more than their bra and panties – and you know those will come off soon!

Looks like Misty Anderson is trying to take out Nikki’s bra…..

misty anderson next door nikki making out2

I can watch these two hot teens making out with each other damn long…. Two hot teens with their lips kissing each other’s lips…. Pure hotness!

It doesn’t get much better than Next Door Nikki and Misty Anderson making out!!!

misty anderson next door nikki making out1

And of course – further proof that all teen chicks are lesbians!!!!

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