Being as I am a former US Marine, this is a massive turn on. I think the only thing hotter than Nikki Sims in a USMC t-shirt would be having Nikki Sims bending over while wearing dress blues and maybe some sexy slutty stockings. And I bet you if someone bought Nikki Sims a pair of dress blues, she would pose in them. Nikki Sims likes to please.

nikki sims uscm t-shirt

I have a pair of old dress blues from my Marine days. I don’t fit in them. Maybe Nikki Sims can put them to some good use!

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And down on her knees she goes… Next Door Nikki loves getting banged doggie style and she’s quick to get down on her knees to show off her ass – ass up, face down… Perfect for a good old fashioned spanking or getting banged from behind!

next door nikki tight-ass doggie style

I’m not sure what Next Door Nikki is wearing here, but there isn’t much to it – and what little there is is mostly lace!

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I’d love to know the back story behind this photo…. maybe they were going shopping when Next Door Nikki just decided to get out in-between the cars, sit down on her ass, and spread her pictures for a photo?

next door nikki legs spread outside

I love girls that are so willing to let us take sexy photos of them….

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2 Mar 14

Office Slut

Ever wonder where Next Door Nikki sleeps and plays on her computer? Well, it seems that this is where all of the magic happens – both online and… In the bedroom!

Before I get off track here talking about her bedroom, let’s talk about what Next Door Nikki is wearing here. Pure fucking hotness. Seems like Next Door Nikki is wearing a short skirt, high heels, and a shirt that shows off her huge teen cleavage nicely. (If you’ve got it, flaunt it!) Looks to me like she’s playing one of those sex games where she pretends to be one of the slutty office chicks….. You know – the kind that everyone wants to bang!

next door nikki office slut1

Here she is on the floor now, stretched out and her legs extended…. And her shirt up! Boy oh boy, Next Door Nikki sure does have some knockers, doesn’t she???

next door nikki office slut2

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You cannot get by without admiring Next Door Nikki. She’s just too damn hot, with those large teen boobs popping out all over the place. There is just no way to hide it; This teen babe just oozes with sex appeal. You just wouldn’t be able to say no to Next Door Nikki.

I swear if she was to get too close to me, she would catch me trying to sniff her. You know, like a dog in heat! You know that Next Door Nikki smells great!

next door nikki big breasted teen1

Here is Next Door Nikki on her knees with her tight jeans pulled down…… I have no idea what Next Door Nikki is doing, but I’ve long since learned not to ask too many questions!!!!

next door nikki big breasted teen2

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Next Door Nikki is exactly that – the girl next door… Well, the girl next door with the huge titties and a tight ass that loves to get naked online… I think all “girls next door” should be much more like Next Door Nikki.

When Next Door Nikki lays down on her back like this her huge tits sure do stick out a lot!

sexy next door nikki 1

And her ass too…. Next Door Nikki has a super sweet teen ass!

sexy next door nikki 2

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I don’t have much imagination but it seems to me that a certain big breasted hottie – who loves showing off her cleavage every chance she gets – also takes a certain delight in being on her hands and knees. I like that too.

I love women like Nikki Sims when they are on their knees like this…

nikki sims on her knees

It means that Nikki Sims likes to be tagged from behind. Doggie style. All chicks like it doggie style.

I can only imagine what Nikki has going on at her new Nikki’s Playmates site…

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When a woman like Next Door Nikki gets down on her hands and knees and shows off her tight little ass like this… Sheer perfection. Next Door Nikki is ass up, faced down, with her bra out… And you can see her thong too!

Next Door Nikki has a great rack, but we shouldn’t forget that she has a great ass too. And she loves showing off her ass!

next door nikki doggie style

Damn, even though Next Door Nikki has a tight pair of jeans on we can see most of her ass!

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20 Feb 14

Next Door Nikki

Sometimes Next Door Nikki confuses me. Sometimes I think she’s the typical girl next door, nothing special; Just a cute a girl a tight little t-shirt. Well, that is if you an can ignore the fact that Next Door Nikki has a killer rack for being a young teen….

next door nikki tight t-shirt tight jeans1

On the other hand I think Next Door Nikki is a sex vixen – a hot young big breasted teen that loves sex and loves to get fucked hard. How else can you explain why Next Door Nikki spends so much of her time on her hands and knees?

Next Door Nikki looks mighty hot here in these tight jeans…..

next door nikki tight t-shirt tight jeans2

Looks like we caught Next Door Nikki doing her laundry….. All I see is her sexy panties!!!!

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19 Feb 14

Boobies That Float

Next Door Nikki has a bikini on, but you can’t see it. But then again, that’s not really important. What is important is her titties are out – huge giant boobies!

I wonder if they float. I mean, Next Door Nikki seems to be holding her breasts up but I bet you they float on their own…

next door nikki huge boobs

This is yet another reason for us to love women with huge boobs! And this is exactly why we love Next Door Nikki!

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