23 Apr 14

Car Sex

Seems Next Door Nikki is in the back of a SUV wearing only a bra and panties… And it looks like her panties are coming off!

Does Next Door Nikki want to have sex in the back of the truck? That’s hot…

next-door-nikki-nude-car ride

Every one likes to have sex in the back of a car, right? It’s something everyone has to try at least once… Although I’m guessing Next Door Nikki has had plenty of sex in the back of cars!

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You know why chicks like to wear skirts right? It’s because they get off on teasing us. But what’s ironic is by teasing us they also allow us easy access. A small slip like this where Nikki spreads her legs just enough so we can see her panties makes our day!

next door nikki upskirt pix 2

I think Nikki is just tying to tease us on purpose. You know how chicks are!

next door nikki upskirt pix 1

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20 Apr 14

Fun Car Ride

Sometimes Next Door Nikki is like a puppy dog when she goes for a car ride… A horny puppy dog!

And a sexy one too!


Who wouldn’t want to take Next Door Nikki for a spin!

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18 Apr 14

Coca Cola Fan

I’m not a big fan of Coco Cola these days, but if Next Door Nikki tells me I need to drink it and she’s willing to let me drink it off of her sexy body… Fuck yeah, I can change.

With a rack like hers… Next Door Nikki could have me eating out of her hands!


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16 Apr 14

Very Tight

Isn’t this just perfect? Next Door Nikki in a short tight little jean skirt and sexy white high heels, bending over just slightly…. And teasing us with a sneak peak up her skirt. What a damn tease she is!

I’ve had dreams about Next Door Nikki like this….

next-door nikki huge teen knockers09

That’s tight! Very tight!

I love you Next Door Nikki!!!

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Nikki Sims looks like a nice little slut here wearing only her panties… She has her boobies out, her legs spread just enough, and a look on her face that is half serious and half joking – as if she’s about to laugh.

But having sex is no laughing matter for Nikki Sims

nikki sims boobies legs spread

Somehow we are going to have to wrestle Nikki Sims out of her panties here!

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11 Apr 14

Flotation Devices

I think the breasts that Next Door Nikki would double as flotation devices….. I want to be with when my plane goes down over the ocean…..

In fact, I just want to get with Next Door Nikki, if only for a few minutes!

next-door nikki huge teen knockers10

I’d love to go swimming with her!

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9 Apr 14

Strip Poker

It’s got to suck to be bad at Strip Poker and loosing badly…. But then again it gives Next Door Nikki a chance to get naked for pretty much no reason at all!

strip poker2

I couldn’t play poker with Next Door Nikki half naked. It would be way too distracting.

Now all she’s got on is her panties…..

strip poker3

So it must be time for Next Door Nikki to put on a show!

strip poker4

How’s that for distractions???

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It’s already pretty obvious that Nikki just gets off being naked… Those pants she has on look so damn comfy, but yet still she wants to be naked. She’s got her titties out – she might be hiding it with a pillow, but that won’t last for long!

nikki sims naked 1

When she finally does get naked… Nikki Sims is using her pillow to get off on…

nikki sims naked 2

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When you have a body like Nikki Sims you have just got to show it off as she can, and we love it when she shows off like this… Nikki Sims is all dressed up in a tank top barely hiding her huge rack and a short little skirt showing off her ass and her red thong…

nikki sims short skirt thong 1

Look at the way Nikki Sims is spreading her legs like this… She wants to be fucked from behind right across her desk!

nikki sims short skirt thong 2

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